Bruce encourages Manchester United wearing the spirit of a pig to fight.

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Steve Bruce, former Manchester United defender stated before the Red Devils’ visit to Liverpool (Dec. 17) that. The old team’s situation now has nothing to lose. Therefore, you must wear the spirit of a fighter and just die. Find a way to mess with the leader as much as possible. Whatever the result will be, let’s play to the fullest and the fans can accept it.

United just got eliminated from the Champions League after losing to Bayern Munich 0-1 at the end of the group stage. It was the 12th defeat from 24 matches played in all competitions. Even more than the 62 matches played last season ทางเข้า UFABET 

Many concerns surround the ‘Red Army’ that they may lose at Anfield 0-7 like last season. Since he was injured before the game. Harry Maguire and Luke Shaw had to be added from the match lost to the ‘Southern Tigers’. 

Not including captain Bruno Fernandes who has accumulated yellow cards. And has reached the quota of being banned. No matter what angle you look at, it’s hard to survive. 

However, Bruce does not expect many miracles to turn the tide in the duel with his opponent. Just play with spirit. Whatever the result will be, the cheering team will continue to support it. 

“There’s a chance you’ll do something right again.” he told BBC 5 Live Sport.

“In football, your next match is the most important. You have to show effort and get out of the rut.”

“Roll up your sleeves and go hard at Anfield.”

“You guys are the representatives of Manchester United. Going to attack the enemy, not burning shadows, not stepping on them.” 

Asian Handicap Liverpool handicap 1/2 , total score 3 1/2.