Southgate explains why McGuire was selected for the England

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Southgate explains why McGuire was selected for the England squad for the World Cup despite the drop.

Gareth Southgate, head coach of the England national team Said about the decision to call Harry Maguire, the Manchester United defender in the World Cup final. Amid the criticism of his performance

The world’s most expensive defensive line, the 29-year-old is in a difficult situation when he faces a problem with unstable performance. And the injury disturbed, however, Southgate still chose him to join the team to play in Qatar, although Maguire has play in the Premier League only three games this season. The England national team recruited three Manchester United players: Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw and Marcus Rashford.

“We were in constant contact with all the clubs regarding all the players we were interested in before the transfer. We need to know about everyone who plays continuously. or people who rarely play Some people have been training hard continuously. some less So we choose a team that will have different players’ fitness levels. And we have to bring all of them to select people who will enter the field. We decided on a very experienced support. Rather than choosing less experienced players. We estimate that they are not ready enough to squeeze out the performance. We think about tournaments where we want to be the best in every game.”

This is Southgate’s second World Cup as a manager. after leading England to the semi-finals at the 2018 World Cup.