Dragon Tiger Recipe A new playing technique

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Dragon Tiger Recipe A new playing technique.

It is a bet according to the normal card layout that we have use before. If you have experience with playing cards. It can be that certainty of it may not 100% full. Sometimes you may have to place bets against the statistics. It is normal to have to do it. However, the decks are always useful to use. Therefore studying beautiful card layouts. That are worth investing in must be memorize. Because some items that we have joined to place bets The camp may explain only in front of the room what cards this room has. But it doesn’t suggest a deck that is very different from the original one. Let’s go see UFABET

  • dragon card layoutCaused by statistics that come out to either side often more than 5 times onwards An opportunity to place bets for cards like this Lets make bets accordingly.
  • ping pong deckis the result of the award that has been alternating many times. And there is no duplicate at all, even once, 5 – 6 times in a row or more. The principle of placing bets on cards like this can place alternately. According to the card layout. until we lose
  • Two cutoutsCards drawn in this manner are repeated twice. And the next time, the opposite side immediately, such as the dragon, comes out twice in a row and the third time The prize draw will be the tiger itself. In order to place bets in this manner, wait for two draws. When it comes out, we can place bets on the opposite side. If it comes out only once, don’t place bets. And wait until the cards drawn in this format
  • Triple layoutMeans that come out 3 times in a row and cut to the opposite side. If using the same deck of cards in this manner, it must be a set of cards that come out the same 2 times to be more sure. Then place bets accordingly if the cards are cut to the opposite side. Let us make bets accordingly and cut with the opposite bet after the end of three identical rounds.
  • Three-cut card layoutCards that have the same result 3 times. Once complet, the opposite side will be issue 3 more times as well. In placing bets like this, we will have the most advantage. You can place bets accordingly. After all three times, immediately place 3 more bets on the opposite side. If not, wait until the set of cards are all out or change the form of betting.
  • Four-cut card layoutIt is a card that comes out all 4 times and cuts into the opposite side in the 5th time. In placing bets, we do not risk the cards that come out the same as this set. Let us choose to bet on the opposite side immediately when the cards come out 4 times that slow but definitely more sure