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Can collagen and vitamin C be taking together?

Collagen can be taking with vitamin C. Because normally vitamin C is already a stimulant for collagen production. It also helps slow down the degradation of collagen. Therefore, if the body does not receive enough vitamin C May cause collagen production to decrease as well.

Eat desserts like pancake to get health benefits.

Pancake or flat snack made from wet kneaded dough. It’s a food that can be eating both easily and often. Children like to eat it, and adults also like it. Making it yourself is easy and not difficult. Now there is ready-made pancake flour. Just add water in

Benefits of taking a shower in the morning.

If we’re being honest, not showering in the morning is a right that everyone should be able to do. There’s nothing wrong or right that can clearly be determined that you have to shower in the morning. Or you shouldn’t shower in the morning at

Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse Recipe for healthy.

When you’re stressed out, just eating a piece of cake or a loaf of bread can make you feel a lot better. But no matter how good desserts are for the heart, We must restrain ourselves. You cannot eat often because it will have negative